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Inspired by the sheep farm buildings of Patagonia, the Remota looks like a long, thin strip of land from a distance. Upon closer inspection, it’s a big (but still low to the ground) black barn that isn’t really noticeable until its wall of windows is lit up by warm yellow lights at night. During the day, the wild grasses of the Patagonian plains blanket the roof of the hotel, looking a lot like a green runway. The green roof is composed of concrete slabs that have been coated with an asphalt membrane and a two foot high carpet of grasses.

Inside, the mood is Spartan and sparse, but comfy. The geometric furniture was made by carpenters at the job site out of big pieces of dead native wood that had been recovered from forests of Lenga trees that thrive close to the sea in the Patagonian low lands.

You might think that such a remote inn would not be up on the latest green practices, but Remota‘s in the know. They use low-energy light bulbs, (that they fit with yellow shades to achieve a warmer glow) and low-water consumption bathroom fittings. Because of the excellent insulation and the structure being properly oriented to make the best use of the sun’s rays, heating can be cut back without guests feeling so much as a chill.

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