The art of furoshiki gift wrapping is a time-honored, ancient tradition, and Montreal-based Posch designs has put a new twist on this eco-friendly packaging concept with its latest reusable, silk fabric Biota Collection wraps. Rid yourself of the guilt of holiday gift wrapping excess and throw-away packaging by swaddling your gifts for loved ones in these gorgeous silk squares that can be used as a stylish alternative to paper wrapping. It’s gift giving with a conscience and a flair for luxury that lasts.

The Biota Collection is a collaboration of four Montreal graphic designers who joined forces to create limited-edition silk square serigraphs that are stunningly illustrated with endangered species such as the Beluga Whale, the Atlantic Walrus, and the Wapiti, to name a few. (More that 400 animal and plant species are listed as endangered in Canada, and more than 30 species are en route to extinction). The Posch team viewed this crisis as an opportunity to find better ways of doing things via the beautification and improvement of practices that typically generate waste and a throw-away attitude.

Posch donates 5% of profits made from the Biota Collection to the World Wild Life Fund. The sales from their fabulous tote shopping bags, which Inhabitat reported on in June 2007, go towards saving the fragile ecosystem of the last 500 Piping Plovers still alive in Quebec. Posch also donates 2% of all sales to Équiterre, a local NGO that empowers citizens by inspiring them to take everyday steps toward reducing their greenhouse-gas emissions. All good causes worth getting wrapped up in!

Biota silk scarf wraps retail for $15

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