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Set on a wooden platform, the cabins are perched at the top of a hill in a forested area overlooking a picturesque fjord near the family’s summer home. The group of three structures surround an elevated platform, and morph for different uses with folding and sliding doors and roofing. The largest of the cabins has a unique roof that slides out to create a spacious overhang on the patio in front while revealing a glass skylight on top of the structure. The skylight allows daylight to permeate the interior, while the overhang protects the patio from rain, making the space ideal for camping or enjoying the outdoors. The timber walls are treated naturally with tar to protect the surface from salt water sprays that mist on the coast line.

The smaller two cabins also feature sliding elements with doors that slide apart. When fully extended, the structures’ glazed back walls are revealed, which show a direct view of the fjord behind them. When open, the doors also create a makeshift picture frame that plays up the dazzling coastline. The beautiful multi-function cabins can be used as an idyllic retreat in summer months, and double as storage while the family is away in colder months.

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