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The Tetris House is located on a narrow 40’ by 110’ lot with tight zoning that minimized the allowable building footprint. Compounding challenges from the compact footprint, the client asked for the impossible – a lot more than could actually be built on the lot. To accommodate, rzlbd got creative and smart with the organization and layout of the home. The 2 1/2-story home comes in at about 3,000 sq ft and amazingly fits in 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 2 laundries, a nanny room, a home office, a large living and dining area, a spacious kitchen, a bar with a wine cellar and entertainment area, a covered garage, and area for storage. To do this, rzlbd thought like Tetris players and eliminated all wasted space and moved rooms to make the most of the area.

The interior features an abundance of natural light in every room – even down into the basement. A light well in the roof floods the upstairs, then the living area, and finally the basement with daylighting. Custom cabinetry and millwork throughout the home unifies the space and helps minimize congestion to create a clean and modern look. Outside, the facade is clad in a jumble of different, low-maintenance materials to continue the Tetris theme. Permeable paving on the driveway helps soak up storm water.

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