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The first phase of the TechTown District Plan would be to instate the central plaza. This plaza would serve as the creative hub of the area, with market-style moveable and flexible “collaboration cubes.” Much like a farmer’s market, the plaza would feature enclosed cubes that will be host to creative industries of all persuasions- from small tech companies to design to artists. The workstations are modular and flexible-therefore able to move and morph according to demand, or relocate certain businesses next to each other for collaborations and events.

In addition to the innovation of the creative plaza, the plan calls for other creative-community attracting elements. A projection screen would bring the community together for screenings in warmer months, and fire pits would attract community socializing year round. A climbing wall, curling lanes, and bike paths encourage exercise as well as green transportation throughout the year.

The vacant and disused areas, which are familiar throughout Detroit, are reactivated with community activities and green space. Plazas and the bike lanes make the area accessible for pedestrians. Open forums and events will draw design experts to the area, and get them involved in the development of the new area. By creating a hub for the community to enjoy, the TechTown District Plan will help to revitalize a historic disused area.

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