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Inside the studio, Tovin Design works with clients, showcasing innovative art and home furnishings. In order to create a gallery-like feel, Quinn carved out large portions of the industrial warehouse’s roof, adding giant skylights which flood the interior with natural light. The skylights create little need for any additional lighting in much of the studio’s gallery spaces. Added windows carved out of the side of the building allow for even more daylight.

The skylights and roof light monitors also siphon in heat, reducing the studio’s need for additional heat by one third. The light monitors also function as a thermal stack summer ventilation system, sucking out hot air.

The exterior of the studio was fitted with weathering steel. The industrial look not only complements the structure’s past, but also is an inexpensive and edgy solution for the building’s aesthetic. Other industrial features were also left throughout the building, like exposed steel frames in glass walls and rough cut book shelves which act as room dividers.

The entire rehab project created an energy-efficient and design worthy studio for Tovin, while only costing around $100/square foot for the renovations and rebuilding. Sebastian Quinn Building Workshop is also known for their incredible Black Acid Co-Op installation at the former Deitch Projects.

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