Gentlemen, now there is no excuse to leave the bathroom without washing your hands. Doing the right thing for the environment and fellow human beings is a lot easier with the Stand, a combination urinal and sink designed by Kaspars Jursons. In an effort to help solve the European water crisis and improve overall hygiene, the Stand features a motion sensitive tap over the urinal that uses water from washing to flush. The Stand has already popped up in Norway, Latvia, Germany, Russia, and Poland.

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Although the sink could only be a mere few feet away, it is amazing how many guys exit the restroom without even glancing at the tap or paper towels. The Stand seeks to encourage better hand-washing habits while also reducing water consumption.

“”It’s not just a fancy piece of art,” Jursons told NPR. “The idea is about function and consumption. You are washing your hands in the sink on top of the urinal, and the same water that’s running is also used to flush. You don’t have to use water twice, like when you use the urinal and wash your hands in separate sink.”

Selling for $590 per unit, the Stand has been a successful addition to a concert venue in Riga, Latvia where the designer has said it has already saved thousands of liters of water. Now, it is possible to shake hands and give high-fives to friends with a bit more confidence.


Images via NPR and Wikicommons user Biswarup Ganguly.