Sleek, white luxury yachts are so 20th century — today seafarers are looking for something a little different. Enter the Delta yacht, designed by Liviu Tudoran. The Italian designer has created a svelte carbon fiber yacht that draws inspiration from traditional Romanian values and sculpture. Not only does it have a glass bottom so you can watch the wildlife go by — the yacht is emblazoned with solar panels on top that power the craft’s systems.

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The Delta Yacht features a viewing area with high safety railings for those that may not have their sea legs, but wish to relax and enjoy the sounds of the sea. The yacht’s roof is composed of two sections made from piezoelectric material that retract when the weather is at its finest, treating passengers to views of the surrounding sea.

Below deck, the guest bedroom showcases the same clean sculptured shapes as the rest of the craft. Of course, we at Inhabitat wouldn’t love it if it didn’t boast some form of green credentials and the Delta Yacht has them in spades – from its photovoltaic canopy to its piezoelectric powered systems. While only a drawing board concept at the moment, we hope to see the Delta soon become a reality.

+ Liviu Tudoran