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Kentaro Takeguchi and Asako Yamamoto, in conjunction with structural engineer Ichiro Hashimoto of S3 Associates, planted the Slice of the City in Nishinomiya, located between Osaka and Kobe. Definitely not newcomers to challenging space restrictions, the architects created an efficient floor plan with stunning features that make clever use of every square foot. The staircases between the buildings leave room for a bright and secluded courtyard, allowing some privacy in the hustle of the city. Plenty of light reaches the interior through the tall windows and the white finish reflects the light throughout.

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The ground floor is home to the master bedroom, bathroom, and areas for storage while children’s bedroom can be found on the second story. Open-plan dining, living and kitchen areas can be found on the next story up, while the third and final staircase brings occupants to a private roof terrace. “We hoped to make a buffer zone that is able to have a diverse and complicated relationship to the city,” the architects said. In doing so, they also created a marvel for the eyes and a place of privacy and comfort for a family.


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