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We have featured Zittel’s work on our site before, but she is still relatively unknown in the design world. That will change though, especially since receiving the Frederick Kiesler Prize. In addition to her AZ Wagon Stations, which are funky trailers that can be adapted in any number of ways – as closets, mini bedrooms, or outdoor storage areas – Zittel unpacks contemporary society’s desire for too many things in other compact spaces.

Her A-Z Homestead Office design features a tiny box-like space that provides all the necessities without a pile of excess, and the very cool Indy Island project, which looks a lot like Luke Skywalker’s house recently renovated in Tunisia, is an inhabitable experimental living structure commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art for the Art & Nature Park. Expect to see a lot more of Zittel as she continues to explore self-contained homes for off-grid living.

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