As rents continue to climb in New York City, many residents are hitting the road – but not in the way you might think. A few pioneering spirits, like Steven Cintron, who was recently profiled by the LA Times, have decided to declare their independence by trading their apartments and roomshares in for mobile homes. By taking up RV living, these adventurous New Yorkers have found a way to live in some of the city’s priciest neighborhoods for much less.

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Cintron decided to spend $5,000 on a used RV after searching for a new apartment to accommodate him and his pit bull Bruno. Unable to find anything affordable, he bought the 200-square-foot RV off of Craigslist last spring and has been living in it ever since. In a city known for its cramped living, the tiny trailer home seems almost luxurious compared to some of the other closet-sized ones out there.

Living in a mobile apartment may be a way to dodge expensive rents in desirable neighborhoods, but the transient living does have its down sides. Getting mail delivered is impossible, so arrangements with a relative or a P.O. Box are necessary. Getting power can also be tricky and expensive too, although renewable sources like photovoltaic arrays can offset some of that cost. Connecting on-board toilets to sewage lines can also be a not fun part of day-to-day living.

Would you live in a trailer if it meant independence from rent?

Via LA Times

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