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Opting for lightweight construction materials, the designers built a double storey wood enclosure that fits inside the cavernous structure that has been disused for several years. A nifty slide connects the two storeys, which have been given a continuous and homogenous conifer wood finish. Enclosing the kindergarten with a separate structure gives it a certain amount of impermanence in case the building should ever revert to another more public function.

Even though the floor has been covered with a lime-green rubber floor that is both durable and safe enough for children to play on, the rest of the old marketplace has been virtually unaltered to allow for locals to gather and socialize there if they so choose. This is a lovely and sustainable renovation, but the slide (and its candy red tongue) is sure to be the biggest hit among the kids.

+ Miquel Mariné Núñez

+ César Rueda Boné

Via Dezeen

Photography courtesy of José Hevia