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Built in 2008, the restaurant was named Tusen, which means “thousand” in Swedish. The architects’ aim was to design a modern Swedish buildingusing locally sourced materials that could fit harmoniously with its surroundings and minimize environmental impact on the ground. The structure was built using a prefabricated timber frame, and boasts its own water and sewage systems.

Raised 3,280 feet above sea level, the circular shelter’s design is open to the south-west, creating a shelter that protects it from strong Nordic winds. A covered patio area allows visitors to gaze over the ski slopes, and the food served, like the interiors, is a mix between modern and classic Scandinavian, but with a twist. The dining room has the capacity to host 125 guests within its 1,100 square foot space.

Tusen Restaurant was chosen as the 2009 “Holiday” category winner at the World Architectural Festivalin Barcelona.

+ Murman Arkitekter

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