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iGuzzini Headquarters, Mias Arquitectes, Barcelona, shade screen, fabric shade screen, spherical building, eco officePhoto by Adrià Goula

Construction on the 9,000 sq m office space began in 2008 and it is now getting close to completion. A large underground space provides for storage, parking, a showroom, an auditorium and technical services. Above, the roof serves as an exterior technical floor and works like an outdoor showroom. Finally, the slightly deformed sphere with a bulge on the south serves as the office space. Inside, a large central void built from a single column forms the spine of the building from which all floors radiate out.

Natural daylight pours in through the central void as well as the exterior spherical walls providing greater control over the amount of energy used. The exterior of the building is surrounded by an exo skeleton frame and on this, a large fabric shade screen has been installed on most of the exterior to minimize solar heat gain. This protects the interior office space from glare and overheating and improves the interior light quality for an improved showroom experience.

Via Plataforma Arquitectura

Lead photo by Adrià Goula