In the future, housing will have to become much denser to support burgeoning populations, free land for other uses, and maximize infrastructure. However many people cringe at having to live in a box in the city — so Nabito Architects designed this spiraling Stairscraper concept that provides both a smaller foot print and a backyard to boot. Featured on designboom, the ‘cottage’ towers cork screw into the air to create a unique relief against the sky.

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The principle of providing green space in denser developments is catching on — like BIG’s Mountain Dwelling on the outskirts of Copenhagen, the Stairscraper is a fusion of individual units stacked up so the lower roofs become the garden for the units above. The design results in abundant daylighting and amazing views, and the slender tower allows for daylight to still penetrate to the streets below. The interior looks similar to the famous Marina City towers in Chicago — a modified pie shape.

Since each floor is essentially a single unit, the overall density may not be adequate for major urban cores but better suited for the edges of urban areas. Nabito Architects have even proposed them for rural landscapes, where they would provide the suburban experience without the need to take up copious amounts of land with yards and roads.

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Via Designboom