As part of London Festival of Architecture 2008, award-winning media production studio Squint/Opera depict London life in 2090, long after sea levels have risen from global warming. In a conversation with Inhabitat, Squint/Opera designer Nick Taylor explained how these images predict that humans will adapt to changed landscapes; “the images are optimistic and reveal that far from being a tragedy, the floods have brought about a much-improved way of life to the capital city.”

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Imitating some of “the techniques of the super-idealistic Victorian landscape painters”, Squint/Opera have used a combination of photography, 3d modeling and digital manipulation to present five unique visions of a tranquil utopia. One image sees a man preparing to dive off a ledge in St Paul’s Cathedral and another sees a couple rigging up pre-flood artifacts to get makeshift machinery to power a light bulb.

The ‘Flooded London’ exhibition is open from 20 June-20 July at London’s Medcalf Gallery, EC1R 4QE. There will also be an evening event held at Medcalf with Squint/Opera on 18th July 08 to celebrate the exhibition.

+ Squint/Opera + Flooded London [LDF 2008] + London Festival of Architecture 2008 (20th June – 21st July)

Copyright Images © Squint/Opera.