ON Design’s Roppongi Nouen Farm in the steamy heart of Tokyo comprises a series of stacked glass cubes full of a variety of produce. This 21 square meter urban farm isn’t hidden on a roof, or relegated to a corner plot, but is actually stacked amidst high rises and other buildings. As a result, passersby can observe the vegetables growing and even partake of them in a nearby restaurant.

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ON Design sought to contrast the agricultural project with glass and an “inorganic” iron frame arranged on a wooden deck in order to bring into focus the possibility that “greens” and the city can exist side by side. The farm – noting of course how the definition of that word has evolved in past years – was built last year in the center of Tokyo’s Roppongi district and is quite a sight when it’s lit up at night.

+ ON Design Studio

Via Arch Daily

all images by Koichi Torimura