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Hyllie is the first station outside of Copenhagen and it serves as the gateway between Denmark and Sweden. Trains depart every 6 minutes, and the city tunnel is just a 12 minute ride away, while Malmö’s central station is located just 5 minutes away. Located in Hyllie Station Square, the facility provides easy access to the Malmö arena and one of the city’s new business districts. The train tracks are submerged below street level and the station’s round roof hovers above the opening, providing protection for travelers.

The roof is punctuated with 52 round skylights, which allow sunlight to filter down through the cavernous space to the tracks below. What could have been a dark space is kept open and bright, eliminating the sense that you are underground. These daylight portals, designed by Bartenbach LichtLabor of Innsbruck, are so bright that they look almost like UFO tractor beams set to suck up passengers as they rush for their train. Kristina Matusch of Malmö carried out the artistic decorations.

Via ArchDaily

Images © Rafael Palomo