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The interior of Joben Bistro transports visitors back in time to a mythical era, combining retro-futurism with Victorian aesthetics. To complete the look, 6th Sense gave new use to many of the design elements. Old top hats were transformed into quirky lampshades and vintage taxidermy animals don monocles, for example.

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Polished copper piping usually found behind walls was brought into the open, its shiny quality used as a decorative element. The same treatment was given to mechanical gears and pulleys, which adorn the room like art work amidst the vintage framed posters. Many of the tables in the bar are made from distressed, reclaimed wood, adding to the aged aesthetic. Outdated television consoles are used to store liquor bottles, while vintage objects line the walls and shelves throughout the space.

The steam punk aesthetic is held together with an oversized zeppelin, which was repurposed into a lamp by adding a series of LED lights. The zeppelin glows above the heads of patrons, acting as a focal point to the fantastical room.

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