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The futuristic development will create a seamless skyline of glittering mixed-use towers along the river’s edge, giving the best views to the residences in the upper floors. The surface pattern for these towers are designed using solar analysis software, which was created in a fashion to reduce solar gain. Each of the towers will have retail bases, and be a mix of residences and businesses.

The land surrounding the shoreline towers will be used for commercial, industrial, mixed use, public amenities and more residences. Lower buildings will be situated more inland, each lined with solar panels to generate green energy for the complexes below. Green roofs will also dot the structures to insulate and filter rainwater, as well as a ground water recharge and energy efficient waste management programs. Greenery and plants will fill the area, making parks and sitting areas for residents and workers in the area- as well as more fresh air.

The paths throughout the green city will lead to a curvilinear central auto expo. The plaza around the building will be the central meeting place for residents, a multi-use urban plaza that can host programming or function as an urban park and promenade.

The Trans Ganga Masterplan is a sustainable and logical solution for the increasing temperatures and population of modern life. It provides comfortable and green living without being entirely reliant upon the grid.

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Via Arch Daily