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According to the architects, the design for Knot House was inspired by “imagining a surface made of landscape, which eventually folds into a knot to create an enclosure.” Although small in volume, the unique layout of the resort manages to provide a serene, private atmosphere strongly connected to the surrounding natural landscape. The “knotted” design offers the optimal privacy for guests but manages to avoid a cold, isolated atmosphere found in many luxury resorts.

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In creating a small resort hidden up in the cliffs, the resort offers a small number of guests a new “ecological lifestyle.” The intimate seaside retreat offers four small guest rooms, a common room and a swimming pool, along with expansive views and a terraced garden where guests can pick fresh herbs to make tea. Adjacent to the garden is a large sunken bathtub submerged into the surrounding landscape, creating a perfect private spot for relaxation and reflection.

At the moment, the Knot House only has four guest rooms, but the architects designed the layout with the possibility of converting the guest spaces into permanent residences in the future. The architects explain, “The design took account of adaptability throughout the life span of the building from a guest unit to a fully-functioning residence.”

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Photography by Shin Kyungsub