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Using plywood, 5AM constructed seven rectangular modules that are lined up in the middle of the sprawling warehouse-like office space. The modules are framed in steel, and set on wheeled casters below them. In order to make movement from one partition to the next easy, 5AM set each of the frames on a metal track. Employees can slide the modules back and forth to create larger or smaller spaces.

The exterior of each unit varies, from lines of shelving to closet space or large table areas, making for a variety of workspace combinations when joined. On each side of the modules, soundproof felt has been installed in order to ensure privacy. The felt also doubles as a bulletin board, easily holding push pins and documents.

Outside the row of modules, the designers installed a monochromatic red floor, couch, chairs and table. The open area creates a visual delight amidst the industrial setting and encourages casual group meetings.

These modules were created with small start up companies in mind, allowing for flexibility without much investment. The module collection contains areas for secluded working, co-working, informal meetings, rest, and relaxation.

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