A new timber-clad social housing project called Beveridge Mews was recently selected as one of the 2013 RIBA national awards for excellence in architecture. Peter Barber Architects organized the eight apartments of varying size around a giant community garden and fitted them with a host of features to ensure optimum energy and water conservation.

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Located in East London, Beveridge Mews replaced a series of disused garages on an old council estate. The timber cladding is designed to harmonize with surrounding sheds and fences, and the homes are large enough to accommodate several generations of families. Half of the apartments have been sold and the other half has been made available as social housing.

Some of the apartments have as many as seven bedrooms, while the majority have three or four rooms; each has two terraces, including one on the roof. Rainwater harvesting, grey water recycling, and energy efficient fixtures give the complex a sustainable edge, while the densely-planted garden provides self-sufficiency and a communal spirit.

Beveridge Mews won the 2013 RIBA National Award for the London region, which puts the project in the running for the 2013 Stirling Prize.

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Photos via Morley von Sternberg