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The 2,000 square foot home sits upon a plateau overlooking Lake Huron in Canada. A glass walkway connects the two house units that are made entirely of wood and stone, elements that echo the surrounding environment. Both of the home units feature entire walls of windows, displaying a panoramic view of the water on one side, and of the deep forest on the other. The windows also allow for the home to be passivelylit and ventilated throughout the day while the old pier foundations below allow the undercroft to cool itself naturally.

The builders have taken special consideration in conserving energy with the construction of the home by using only locally available materials and easily barged prefabricated pieces. Most of the local wood and stone used for the house are also left in their natural state, saving manufacturing costs and energy.

The surrounding landscape of the cottage has also been left untouched, not only keeping it low maintenance but also incorporating the house seamlessly into its rustic environment all year long.

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