Though the beauty industry might have started to cover up imperfections, it has since progressed and strived to enhance your natural beauty. Cosmoprof North America’s 19th edition occurred in Las Vegas in 2022, working as a powerful trade show that encompasses all sectors of the beauty industry. The three-day event emphasized that the beauty industry is putting the environment and sustainability at the forefront. 

Beauty is as individual and unique as we all are,” said Eleanora Mazzilli, BEAUTYSTREAMS sales and marketing manager. 

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Mazzilli, along with her coworker Executive Editor Laura Ziv, provided a comprehensive seminar called Cosmoprof Trends Report. They illuminated the beauty industry’s trajectory in six areas.

An installation of a display of trends.

Fill it up

Refillable products are receiving all the buzz. More and more companies are not only focusing on the functionality of packaging but going beyond refill stations. “Refillable chic” is breaking the notion that sustainability and luxury are not compatible, when in fact, they go hand-in-hand. This is not only with aesthetics and functionality but also with consumers’ values. 

A display case of refillable products for sustainability.

Let’s talk about sex

Secondly, sexual wellness and health are a growing category in the beauty industry. More people are refocusing their energy on themselves. The demand for intimacy and connectedness is leading to elevating sexuality and maintaining a sense of youth with an emphasis on female care. The openness of sex and pleasure is not only revolutionary but all the more human.

Supercharged serum

People want things that do it all in a fast, easy, effective and affordable way. As a result, there is a rise in three-in-one formulas loaded with highly concentrated active and natural ingredients. It is called “condensed beauty,” with a keen focus on a healthy skin barrier to protect against environmental stresses, including pollution and blue light. 

An installation that is titled "Cosmotrends".

Textured tresses

It is the dawn of celebrating your natural hair texture. More and more companies are jumping in to provide diverse and inclusive selections to strengthen breakage, hydrate curls, reduce frizz and enhance shine. There is a continual need to disrupt the category with targeted offerings for niche groups of textured hair. In turn, the industry becomes more inclusive.

A display case of Black-owned products.

Ethically sourced

Consumers are scrutinizing brands for transparency on ethics, quality, certifications and sourcing. They are willing to spend a little bit more for brands that align with their values. So companies continually have to improve the entire supply chain in workers’ rights, social impact and overcoming inequality. Moreover, there is a strive for regenerative practices and giving back to communities

WFH spa

The pandemic had everyone trying to find comfort within their own home. Turns out, such comfort comes from work-from-home spa treatments. People are more educated in skin treatments and the quest for healthy skin is more affordable than ever. There is also growth in effective skin-care devices with built-in apps to track effectiveness, including vibration therapy, LED light masks and facials and AI technology. 

A round table filled with beauty products and masks.

The future of beauty

The beauty industry is in a reckoning of sustainability, according to a seminar led by NielsenIQ Client Director of Beauty Vertical Anna Mayo, called The Evolution of Clean and Sustainable Beauty. Trends such as humane, vegan and artificial fragrance-free are growing, while reef-safe, plastic free and clean trends are gaining traction.

Companies are trying to cut down on plastic in packaging with the knowledge that though recyclable packaging is great, the reality is that not many consumers actually recycle. In addition, companies educate consumers on the safe inclusion of chemicals (e.g., parabens, sulfates) in the right formulations and quantities.

Therefore, the beauty industry is moving into the future in a green, regenerative movement of transparency across the supply chain. All of this is wonderful to hear, but is it enough? And is it coming fast enough?

Cosmoprof is a worldwide business-to-business beauty convention with the next shows for this year in Bangkok, Thailand (Sept. 15 to 17), Mumbai, India (Oct. 6 to 8) and Singapore (Nov. 16 to 18).

Images via Delaney Tran and Pexels