Delaney Tran

Delaney Tran is an editor of Inhabitat. At the age of one, during a Vietnamese tradition called thôi nôi, she chose the pencil as her future career. After watching the Korean drama “Pinocchio” in high school, she decided to pursue stories. An award-winning journalist with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Cal State Long Beach, Delaney graduated magna cum laude in three years. During her time, she worked as editor-in-chief at DIG Magazine, a quarterly print release and daily online student-led publication that covers Long Beach lifestyle and community. She also had the honor of being lead editor for Afro-Latinx transgender female author Josslyn Glenn’s “She Rotates With Pluto,” a semi-autobiographical anthology. In her self-care time, Delaney enjoys writing her novel (which she hopes to one day publish), trying to find the best ramen shop in Southern California, playing with her shih tzu dog Daisy and screaming at the occasional fictional characters on TV. Delaney’s favorite article on Inhabitat is "12 Sustainable, Indigenous-Owned Brands to Support." As someone who loves small businesses owned by people of color, she enjoyed how the article spotlights Indigenous business owners who create environmentally-conscious products, raise awareness on Indigenous-centered issues and contribute to their community in various nonprofits.