One of the frequent criticisms we hear about eco-design is its often hefty price tag. If you want to support green design, but have had trouble parting with so much of your own green to do so, now is the time to shop! Virtually every green-minded clothing outfit (pun intended) is running a summer clearance sale, with many items that will easily transition into the cooler weather, like the men’s sweater above from Patagonia and shirt from Nau. So now you have no excuse- continue reading for a few examples of the great green fashion sales going on now!

lara miller bamboo eco fashion sustainable style
Lara Miller bamboo pieces $126 – $141 @ Kaight

organic cotton tees t’s gaiam eco fashion sustainable style

Organic cotton tees $8.99 @

anna cohen sustainable eco organic fashion style design

Anna Cohen skirt and top @ BTC Elements

loomstate rag & bone organic local US made eco fashion sustainable style

Loomstate organic cotton jeans $89 and Rag & Bone shirt $99 (they are committed to USA manufacturing) @ Barney’s

john patrick organic tunic eco fashion sustainable style

Cotton tunic by Organic $29.00 @ Barneys

patagonia organic cotton recycled polyester eco fashion sustainable style

Organic cotton twill skirt $30 and organic cotton and recycled poly blend tee $20 @ Patagonia