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The ESGE Ecole Secondaire de Genolier was built out of concrete, which isn’t our favorite construction material but iPas claims that this choice gives the project longevity and therefore increases its sustainability. Plenty of corridors inside provide natural ventilation and large windows looking out at the surrounding forest bring all manner of daylighting inside.

Taking cues from nature, the pixelated facade resembles a macro shot of foliage and the childhood arcade game tetris, while inside the designers painted different floors according to the color of the different seasons: orange was chosen to depict autumn, green for spring, blue/green for summer, and winter brown at the building’s entrance. Concrete steps leading to the playground can double as bleachers when necessary, and the building’s compact roof keeps humidity at bay. Above all this exciting program facilitates imagination and discovery – two essential ingredients for any young learner.


Via Dezeen