A new prefab pneumatic gallery made entirely from inflatable airbags was unveiled last month by Dutch Artist Lamber Kamps at Istanbul Design Weekend. Inside the inflatable tent was a collection of Kamp’s puffed-up furniture and lamp designs, while outside the artist cooked up waffles for the visitors. Apparently these quirky but handy little shelters are for sale as well — for a cool 10,000 Euros.

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Inflatable buildings are fairly commonly used as temporary shelters — from emergency tents to pop up pavilions, and now for gallery spaces. The funky design is made from ‘pillows’ sewn and inflated to make a double dome. Guests at the event were invited to come in and relax a spell with a Belgium waffle and admire the inflatable furniture and pneumatic tube lamps. Kamps’ vision seems to have no bounds, as he looks to inflate furniture, huge buildings, and even heroes.

+ Lamber Kamps

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