If you just can’t get enough of computer keyboards during the work day, the Text-ile chair might be for you. Created by designers Dante Bonnucelli and Lamm for UMUL 2009 (Use More, Use Less), a workshop focusing on re-use in design, Text-ile is made out of discarded computer keyboards. It may not be your ‘type’ of lounge chair, but we dig the concept.

In creating the Text-ile, the designers used old computer keyboards from VOICE SYSTEMS, a company which offers IT support to computer users with disabilities. When the company upgraded to their VOICEbox system, which automatically reads printed text, and is integrated with a keyboard-less laptop, they donated some of their leftover keyboards to the designers, and the Text-ile Chair was composed.

Whether the chair is comfortable or not, depends on whether the keys can flex. If they do, the Text-ile could be akin to a massage chair. Cleaning the Text-ile is probably difficult (compressed air dusters, anyone?), but the chair is the ultimate geek conversation piece, regardless.

Via Gearlog