This modern and warm prefab home is a stunning example of the beauty and quality you can achieve through the efficiency of prefab construction.. Inspired by multiple cultures, this eye-catching design by Austin-based Bercy Chen Studio features outdoor living space, water features and lots of windows to create a comfortable and attractive home. The home is constructed with a modular steel frame and thermasteel panels for an efficient and waste-minimizing design. With two families living in this home, the architects divided the house, providing separate, but inter-connected living areas for each family.

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The Annie Residence, located in Austin, Texas, is made up of two pavilions, one for each family, which are connected by a glass hallway. The home also combines design traditions from two different cultures, which is particularly apparent outside where a garden, a water feature and flexible space extend the living area outdoors. Moorish influences can be found on the roof where a shading canopy stretches over the elevated landing. The roof also provides some shade for the outdoor living spaces below where an Asian-esque water feature contributes to a relaxing atmosphere.

While possessing interesting architectural features and comfortable spaces, the home is also an example of eco-friendly techniques. A modular steel frame makes up the skeleton of the house and is exposed as part of the design. Prefab thermasteel panels and windows fill in the spaces between the steel beams. Pre-fabricating the panels and beams off-site helped to minimize waste during construction. The shading canopy, trees and window shades help reduce the solar gain on this modern prefab.

+ Bercy Chen Studio

via The Contemporist