The constant search for an outlet: It’s the one major drawbacks of all the mobile gadgets we love so much. If you’re lucky enough to live in the Big Apple, however, resuscitating your phone is about to become a whole lot easier with The Charge Cycle, a new project on Kickstarter that aims to put specialized stationary bikes on normal street corners. If the campaign is successful, all you’ll have to do to charge your phone is saddle up and start pedaling!

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The Charge Cycle is a device comprised of three parts – a stationary bike, a charging dock, and a web-based application. The charging dock, which holds the bike upright and stationary, also secures the phone with a unique silicone band. The idea is simple: climb aboard, connect your phone, and start pedaling. As the motion starts to generate electricity, progress is tracked on a 10 segment LED display bar (don’t worry, it’s enclosed in a watertight box in case of rainy/snowy days).

According to the Charge Cycle website, charging time for their system is the same as if you were to plug into a wall outlet. Phones would also limit the amount of current to prevent the battery from overheating. It takes approximately 5 mins for a 5 percent charge and some phones charger quicker than others. The Charge Cycle team is also working on a web-based application that users can download on their mobile devices to find out bike locations and usage details, such as how many calories were burned during a charge.

The Charge Cycle is scheduled to debut in early May 2013, with at least 30 bikes on lease to Kickstarter backers around New York City. Want to guarantee that this awesome idea becomes a reality? Consider donating a few bucks to the cause here.

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