Just in time for the Los Angeles Motor Show, BMW has released the first images of the all new fully electric Mini E! We’ve hinted at it before, and it was just a matter time before it was unveiled, complete with a 204hp fully electric engine, a regenerative braking system, and a range of 150 miles.

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The Electric Mini will be use a lithium-ion battery to power a 204 horsepower electric motor. Instead of a gas tank, the mini comes equiped with an electric socket for charging. To save energy, the mini’s top speed will be limited to around 95mph, and a single charge will take you 150 miles.

Rather than releasing the Mini E as soon as possible, BMW has decided to conduct a limited test run of 500 vehicles to investigate the viability of such a vehicle in New York, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and possibly London. We could probably save them the headache by saying “yes, it will be viable, and we want one”.

The Electric Mini will be officially unveiled next month in Los Angeles.

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Via Autocar