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The interior of the Slice comprises simply a bed, a kitchen and a small bathroom. The tiny space is mirrored by the sheltered deck area, which doubles the floor plan of the construction. The deck is pierced by two of the plum trees—conveniently spaced just far enough apart to support a hammock. The exterior of the structure is black and the interior white: a perfect touch of Scandinavian minimalism that also emphasizes the triangular shape of the building that inspired its name.

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In speaking of the particular challenges of designing small spaces, Saunders told Fast Company: “Designing a small, perfectly formed building just gives a tremendous amount of satisfaction back to the architect. They provide a certain degree of freedom that larger buildings can not provide. Architecture doesn’t necessarily lose its inventiveness when size and budget are reduced.” Hear, hear!

Located on a sloping, lawned site in Slåttevik, Norway, the cabin also boasts water views from its hamlet-like setting. The tranquility of the outdoor space is matched by the light and calm interior, its milky-white surfaces complemented by pastel bedding and pops of red and yellow. The “small garden house,” as the architect refers to it, is not designed to be a permanent dwelling. It does, however, provide welcome guest accommodation, or a very comfortable way to enjoy balmy summer evenings.

Via FastCo Design

Photos by Bent René Synnevåg for Saunders Architecture