Are you dreading the dark, frigid months of winter? Thankfully, you can set up a steamy sauna right in your own backyard to stay warm. New Jersey company BZB Cabins and Outdoors has unveiled a collection of ready-to-assemble outdoor sauna kits that can be set up by two people in just a few days.

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oval-shaped wooden sauna

The BZB saunas are the ultimate DIY project for those needing to unthaw during the freezing winter months. Costing between $5,000 and $14,950, the ready-to-assemble sauna kits come in a variety of styles, such as barrel, oval and igloo-shaped. The kits also come in different sizes, from a tiny, two-person sauna to a larger structure that fits up to eight people.

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igloo-shaped red wooden sauna

round wooden sauna on a trailer

The single-room, oval-shaped Barrel Sauna W2, which accommodates up to five people and comes with a price tag of approximately $8,000, comes with two-level steam room seating and the option of either electric or wood-fired heating systems. The window styles, water tank size, sauna oil and headrests can all be customized.

interior of oval-shaped wooden sauna with wood-burning stove

wood sauna with electric heater

Those looking for a high-end sauna might go for the Viking, a three-room sauna with a loft. Additionally, there is the Barrel Sauna Igloo, which can accommodate up to eight adults. For those nomads who like to stay toasty while they are on the road, there is even an amazing mobile sauna, which is built on a wheeled trailer for easy transportation.

rounded wood sauna

light, oval wood sauna

In addition to the wide variety of DIY sauna styles available, buyers can also rest assured that they are purchasing an eco-friendly product to enjoy. The BZB sauna kits are manufactured in Europe and are built with high-quality Nordic Spruce that allows for ample insulation.

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