Located in Valle del Cauca, Colombia, the Mon Paradis House is made up of two spacious modules connected by a wooden deck and center pergola. Colectivo Creativo Arquitectos designed this modular home to highlight circular economy principles and other concepts that the architecture firm already strives to embody, such as sustainable construction methods and materials.

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Two square volumes connected by a pergola. Large trees grow over the home.

Apart from the series of massive monkeypod trees that protect the exterior of the home, the landscaping also features a verdant philodendron garden. Additionally, the region in which the home was built is famous for its stunning sunsets; so stunning, in fact, that the modules are constructed especially to respect the original environment of the site and complement the existing landscape rather than impact it.

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Two square volumes connected by a pergola. Large trees grow over the home and a pool sits in front of the home.

One module exists as the main living space, with floor to ceiling windows, a kitchen and an adjoining side porch for lounging or entertaining. The large windows look out onto the swimming pool to the back and another grove of native monkeypod trees to the front. The neighboring module houses private sleeping quarters with a smaller deck near the pool. Both modules feature sustainable wood panels in their walls and ceiling. Meanwhile, the entire structure is slightly elevated off the ground to keep the land as undisturbed as possible. 

An outdoor sitting area with chairs covered by a pergola.

Inside, the spaces are decorated with soft tones of light gray and beige, complemented by houseplants and wooden furniture. The square, clean-lined style of the outside continues inside as well through simple, straightforward design choices. Every area of the home lets natural materials shine.

A living room with wood chairs and coffee table. A light blue/gray sofa sits on the right side of the room.

In the center of the two modules sits the flowering plants garden and enough room for an outdoor furniture space where inhabitants can fully embrace the mountain views in the distance. This center terrace’s pergola makes use of black anodized aluminum, a highly sustainable and recyclable material. 

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Photography by Andres Valbuena