When a young family shops for a home, they often want a simple floor plan and open spaces for kids to play and for parents to relax and entertain. This low-profile home, designed by Adolfo Mondejar Arquitectos and located in an outer neighborhood of Cordoba, Spain, is logically configured and easily adaptable to the ever-evolving requirements of a family over the years.

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stepping stones in a pond in front of a house
The design caters to the natural sunlight and cool breezes of the area, with windows all around and a spacious yard, decks, and balconies for fun and play. The home connects to the surrounding outdoor spaces, which are are wide open and ideal for residents who want to experience the environment, whether through bike riding, picnicking or simply taking a stroll.

stepping stones in a pond in front of a house

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The interior flows from one space to the next, with long hallways flanked with bedrooms and bathrooms. Playful colors and names on the bathroom doors add whimsy and and a personal touch to the atmosphere. Rich brown paneling in the hallways gives the interior a warm, inviting feeling.

moped sitting on concrete patio under concrete roof

A large terrace at the top of the staircase, built from two concrete walls and topped with a rustic slab of exposed concrete, provides an ideal venue for large parties as well as small family gatherings. Walls covered with quebracho wood add warmth to bathrooms and pivotal use spaces.

staircase leading down exterior of home to lawn with stone steps

All the rooms are comprised of an aesthetically balanced combination of wood, concrete and glass, with smooth, finished concrete floors. The home relies on sunlight for natural heat and daily breezes to cool it down.

large kitchen and dining area with chandelier

In a unique twist, the minimalist home includes a pond in the master bedroom, which further brings the outdoors in and promotes feelings of peace and tranquility. A particularly sunny spot in the living room has vines sprawling in all directions, another feature that gives the home a feel of nature, energy, life and sustenance.

+ Adolfo Mondejar – Estudio de Arquitectos

Images by Gonzalo Viramonte

man standing on concrete roof of indoor outdoor home