Cassie L. Damewood

Cassie is very content living 20 minutes from San Francisco, where she's had the same apartment for over 30 years. She has more than 20 years writing experience and has published hundreds of articles in the past 10 years on a wide range of topics. Her writing focus has been on lifestyle, entertainment, food and beverages. In addition to Inhabitat, her articles have been published by Dornob, Apartment Ratings, TheRichest, TheTalko, Vice, Glossycover, LoveToKnow, SheKnows and Paste Magazine, among others. She's most annoyed by mispronounced words, dogs at restaurants, the rampant use of mixed metaphors and that the dictionary keeps being edited to accommodate ignorance. Besides writing, she's zealous about cooking, political satire, irreverent comedy, streaming TV and betting on NFL football. She and her sister Tricia have a website and have written a cookbook, a collection of two sisters' favorite recipes gathered through the years and the stories and commentary that make them special.