Cassie L. Damewood

When poetry she wrote at age eight for her parents made them cry (for joy, not embarrassment), Cassie decided to be a writer. She once passed an algebra test in high school by penning the reasons a plus b made no sense to a person in love with words, instead of performing the calculations. After college, she moved to San Francisco and in a couple of years became a reporter for a weekly newspaper in Sausalito. A short time later, she started a resume writing business that thrived for over two decades, and now happily freelances. Creepily curious about everything, she writes on many topics including food, drink, architecture and design, lifestyle, entertainment, trending electronic news, and more. She wrote a family cookbook with her sister Tricia, who still lives in Ohio and communicates with Cassie every day. Cassie lives 20 minutes from San Francisco and spends her free time cooking, baking, watching and wagering on NFL football, and voraciously consuming streaming video.