Current meat and dairy production practices are resource consumptive and unsustainable. We’re teetering on the tipping point for what the planet can handle. The Good Food Institute (GFI) is a nonprofit organization with an aim to support the production, integration and acceptance of alternative proteins. 

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Rather than try to change the mind of every meat eater, the idea is to provide a viable alternative for those who understand the challenges of meat production. These alternatives are fermented, plant based or are cultivated in a lab from animal cells. Yes, we’re talking about lab-based meats here. 

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However, rather than a focus on profits for a particular brand or type of food production, GFI isn’t in it for the money. As a nonprofit, its mission is to research, learn, collect data and, as a result, identify high-impact solutions to feed the world’s population. One unique aspect of GFI’s approach is that all the information they gather is open-sourced and available to everyone. The idea of a sustainably-supported food supply is popular, as evidenced by the fact that GFI is 100% funded by donations.

“People around the world support our work because, together, we can transform our food system to mitigate climate change and environmental degradation, feed our planet’s growing population and secure a food supply that decreases the risk of zoonotic and antibiotic-resistant diseases,” stated the company.

Inasmuch, the database includes scientific information about the production and scaling of plant-based, cultivated and fermented meats. It addresses the most-likely solutions for making alternatives widely available with blueprints for effective production. It also provides grant money for research projects, supports career opportunities in the field and advocates for educational opportunities for students. 

Additionally, GFI maneuvers through the industry by identifying markets for animal alternative sales. GFI is involved in every stage of the alt-protein industry, from sharing the foundational scientific research to getting foods on retail shelves. It provides webinars and print information on acquiring financing, scaling production, marketing strategies, equipment innovations and much more. 

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GFI’s mission is to remove obstacles and find solutions to remedy food insecurity and the damage caused by the meat and dairy industry. After extensive research, interviews with industry professionals, and market analysis, GFI offers resources such as a solutions database, a list of innovation priorities and a series of reports. 

To tie it all together, GFI promotes a range of initiatives to spread information and encourage the development of protein alternatives in a fast, safe and efficient way. It also invites people from a diverse range of backgrounds into the conversation.

“As a nonprofit, we value sharing knowledge freely and generating open-access information that will benefit every innovator in this space,” GFI said. “These resources will enable you to find concrete opportunities to get involved with — and accelerate — the vital transformation of our food system. As you’ll see, there are many ways to be a part of feeding our growing population in a secure, sustainable, and just way.”

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