Spanish architectural firm + BUJ+COLÓN Arquitectos has just completed renovation work on a gorgeous apartment in Madrid. The team used plywood strategically as both the primary material for the home’s furniture and a distinguishing dividing feature within the compact layout. The finished Plywood Trio apartment offers residents an elegant, efficient living space.

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The compact apartment, which is located in Madrid’s literary quarter, is organized using three wood “furniture-element” pieces to create clear divisions between the five distinct living areas, and a closet/storage nook. Incorporating the plywood furniture into the apartment’s functional spaces allowed the architects to create a clean, cohesive interior while taking full advantage of the limited space.

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Repetition of the same material condensed the accesses, storage, and light sources throughout the apartment so they serve the divides they lead to as functionally as possible. The architects explain that plywood elements are not only practical, but also provide a “distinct warmth to the interior, allowing them to design to the smallest scale and contribute a more human character to the domestic space.”

By condensing the living area with strategic storage strategies, the open concept is bright and airy, giving the illusion that it’s larger than it actually is. Interestingly, the staircase is one of the design’s most functional of the three plywood elements, as it doubles as a desk on the upper floor. The other two plywood elements include a dining room countertop with storage cabinets beneath it, and a wooden box that doubles as the bathroom door and closet. Additionally, a skylight installed on the upper level illuminates the entire home, providing an optimal amount of natural light and further enhancing the feeling of loftiness within.

+ BUJ+COLÓN Arquitectos

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Images © Elena Almagro