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Villa B is oriented for solar exposure, but protected from overheating with a system of Larch wood slats that serve as a rainscreen and encourage natural ventilation. The ground floor features an office, a living room, a dining area and a kitchen that wrap around a central utility core. Four bedrooms are located on the second floor, and a covered garage sits on the west side and helps protect the home from the afternoon sun.

The home is built on top of a concrete pad with a prefabricated modular system and thick walls filled with high-performance insulation. Triple-glazed Windows are placed on the east, south and west sides, but the home is mostly closed off on the north. Shading reduces glare and overheating, while a double-flow ventilation system connected to a ground-air heat exchanger provides cooling in warmer months. In the winter, the home is heated with a solar thermal system in conjunction with a condensation gas boiler. If additional heat is needed, the residents fire up the wood burning stove. The cubed home is topped with a sedum roof, which provides additional insulation and collects rainwater for storage in an underground tank.

Images ©Erick Saillet