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The structure is mainly built from locally harvested larch wood, which makes up a giant observation deck, stairways and a few hut like shelters.  The main building of the structure is used to lunch, for meetings, and for research, with a rustic wood stove to keep warm and for cooking camping-style. The bathroom is outfitted with a classic clawfoot tub and swinging door to take in the beautiful view while bathing. The Kobayashis store firewood below their immense deck, where it is shielded from the elements.

The entire camping feel of the structure is accentuated by the bedrooms – which are actually yellow Northface tents.  The yellow domes cap the shelters, and are accessible by ladder, or wall mounted climbing holds, in the spirit of the Kobayashi’s outdoor business. The tents are used year round. Fiberglass sliding doors are also found throughout the structure, and are often open in all weather conditions to let the fresh air in.

The complex is powered during the day by a grid of solar panels, for lights and laptops. The couple and their guests can typically be found sitting around the fire pit, or hiking and trimming trees with their dog, Goo.

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