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The Conan House was designed as a single-family home for a local TV producer, his wife, and his only son. Inspired by Moon Hoon’s previous work The Lollipop House, the client asked for a similar skip floor structure that would create high ceilings and a vertical exhibition-like space to showcase his collection of toy figurines. Stairs wrap around the central sky lit atrium and square display boxes embedded into the railing show off the client’s best figurines. The rest of the collection is displayed on a bookcase in the partially underground study.

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Despite Conan House’s eccentric facade, the interior mostly comprises a subdued palette of white walls and wooden floors and stair treads. The spiral staircase branches off to the various staggered floors in the house, starting from the communal areas at the lower levels to the bedrooms near the top of the house. A playroom with a bright yellow ceiling is located in the attic and is equipped with a bright red slide that traverses the central atrium.

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