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The Writer’s Block cabin is located at the mouth of the Sheepscott River in Westport, Maine. Multi-functional, the cabin works as a studio, sleeping quarters and a boathouse for a canoe. <a href=”http://” target=”_blank”>Cheng + Snyder used the form of a traditional saltwater barn as the basis for the design, then tweaked the features to make the small space more functional. A hinged corner on the bottom serves as the door for the canoe storage, which extends into the cabin. The top of the storage the works as a combination bed and work space. Interior ribbing doubles as book and utility shelves.

The cabin’s entrance is built on a hinged corner that opens the interior wide to the exterior. Windows are all slightly recessed and further hinged devices provide shade and protection that can be closed down when the owner is away to protect the cabin. Operable windows and shading also ensure that the space doesn’t overheat in the summer with the help of passive cooling and ventilation. The entire space is only 190 sq ft, but deftly makes the most of the compact area while providing a connection with the surrounding land and water. A nearby dock makes it easy to get out on the water. The only thing we’re not sure of is whether we’d spend more time inside writing or outside boating.

Via Adventure Journal

Images ©Cheng + Snyder