Cabins come in all shapes and sizes, but innovative architect Bartosz Domiczek has just unveiled a tower-like prefab cabin that is one of the most extraordinary we’ve ever seen. The Northern Wisps Cabins — inspired by traditional Nordic design principals — are pyramid-like shelters that are covered in ultra-resistant sail fabric to withstand harsh climates and rugged terrain.

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Domiczek’s shelter design is a prefab cabin that can be assembled quite easily thanks to minimal materials and an efficient layout. The tower’s pyramid-like frame is made from wood with steel posts embedded into a flat concrete platform for stability. The entire structure is covered with a resilient fabric, similar to boat sails — a nod to Iceland’s long history of building boats.

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a towering pyramind-like structure on a rugged landscape

Inside the prefab cabins, the layout is an efficient design that uses vertical space to incorporate all of the basics. The living area is quite spacious and has a swinging hammock and ample space for seating. A large wood-burning stove that hangs from the ceiling is used for heat and cooking. The bedroom is built into a sleeping platform reached by ladder.

 a series of fabric-covered structures on rugged landscape

a triangular interior space with an elevated sleeping platform

According to Domiczek, the aesthetic of the monolithic cabins is designed to contrast with the natural surroundings. “The cabins themselves are formed as white ephemeral monoliths,” Domiczek said, “contrasting with the organic surrounding and being something between the reminiscence of the ancient dwelling built around the fireplace and the idea of Nordic gods standing in the row on a mountain ridge.”

a triangular interior space with an elevated sleeping platform

a hanging stove

Domiczek’s incredible shelter concept, which was recently awarded first place in Ronen Bekerman’s CABINS 3D design challenge, is just conceptual at the moment. However, it’s easy to see just how practical these cabins could be in the real world.

+ Bartosz Domiczek

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Images via Bartosz Domiczek

a woman sitting on the edge of a platform over water

a series of fabric-covered structures on rugged landscape