When shopping for a new car, you might be looking for fuel efficiency, style, and safety. But after seeing the new Nissan Pivo 2 electric concept car, you might just have to add “talking robot” to your list of must-haves. This car’s personal robot doesn’t just talk — but it reads and detects a driver’s mood as well, in order to help you drive safer and better. On display at the recent Geneva Motor Show, the Nissan Pivo 2 is truly an electric vehicle of the future. And according to these guys, the future looks pretty darn cute!

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The Nissan Pivo 2 offers a collection of technologies, which at the moment might seem a bit far fetched, but will soon be a normal part of our everyday lives. The Pivo 2 comes equipped with an ultra-thin electric motor that delivers twice the power of a standard electric motor. It has four total motors, one on each wheel, and together, they can provide about the same amount of torque as V8 engine and the power of a subcompact vehicle. It also comes with a brand new laminated lithium-ion battery that is the same size as a standard battery, but provides twice as much capacity.

The Pivo 2 can turn 360 degrees thanks to its incredibly ingenious geometrical design. The cabin fits 3 people, which is not shabby for this very tiny vehicle. And most importantly, it comes with a little robot helper, RA, a being who’s sole existence is to improve the state of mind of the driver. This little robot friend can infer what the driver is feeling thanks to facial and voice-recognition software. The future, it seems, will not only be greener, but cuter as well.