The New York Auto Show recently took place, and just like last year’s show, small and green is what caught everyone’s eye. Take the Scion IQ concept, a micro-subcompact tricked-out version of the Toyota IQ. A bit bigger than a smart car and a tad smaller than a mini, the vehicle strikes the perfect balance between between fuel efficiency, size and capacity, making it perfect for city driving.

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The Scion version of the IQ has been slightly modified to make it just a bit hipper than the standard model. The car is 3.2 meters long and comes loaded with all the bells and whistles that you’d expect (ABS, brake assist, airbags). It is powered by a 1.3L vvt engine, which gives you a very decent 55 mpg. Not bad for a little car.

Although this particular IQ concept car is unlikely to come to US shores, it does exhibit toyota’s commitment to producing smaller, more environmentally friendly vehicles, and we were impressed by the huge range of options available to customize such a nice car. One of the options is for a colorful display of light patterns. What else could one want?

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Via Vancouver Sun and Autoblog