Move over, lava lamps. When it comes to tripping out your friends, there’s a new lamp in town. Enter BULBING lamps created by Tel Aviv-based lighting designers Studio Cheha, which utilizes a cleverly arranged structure to give the illusion of three-dimensional form. In actuality, the design is flat – it’s composed of a thick, robust sheet of acrylic glass imprinted by laser with dozens of intricate lines. As LED light winds its way through the design, the lamp creates a breathtaking effect akin to an optical illusion.

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Nir Chehanowski, designer of the BULBING lamps and Studio Cheha founder, was inspired to elaborate on his previous lamp designs by offering a bigger and brighter product that serves to alter the viewer’s perception of space and dimensional form. “At Studio Cheha’s heart, our design philosophy is all about reimaging everyday objects with a cool and creative difference,” Chehanowski said. One can’t help but wonder if Chehanowski’s interest in funky, trippy lamps was not inspired by Pixar.

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In this latest series of BULBING lamps, Studio Cheha is offering three different designs. DESKi is not surprisingly designed as a desk lamp, suitable as a reading companion. ZIGGi is intended as an energizing lamp with its bright yellow ambiance and CLASSi combines the elegance of DESKi with the warmth of ZIGGi.

In contrast to past models, these new designs include brighter LEDs and a dimmer switch, which allows the consumer to adjust the lighting mood as needed. The light is designed to last for 50,000 hours and is heat resistant. The base of each lamp is made with classic steel and possesses an artful birchwood stand that improves upon the previous design. With BULBING lamps, prepare to embark on a trip into… the second dimension!

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Images via Studio Cheha