Outdoor living and recreation spaces are popular for a number of reasons: they provide moreurban green space, they promote better human health, and they offer cost savings. Yes, that’s right, you can actually save money by developing an outdoor space that harnesses the potential of its local environment. Read on to learn about Therma-HEXX’s ThermaPAVER, a temperature converting panel that takes a big leap forward in making outdoor spaces more comfortable, while also providing other functions like heating your water ecologically and invisibly!

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ThermaPAVER is a panel system invented by New Hampshire’s former architectural designer/greenbuilder,Robert Barmore. Therma-HEXX Green Launching Pad Company creates the temperature converting panels in a modular click-together system. Aficionados of beautiful exteriors appreciate that this system lies discreetly underneath the pedestal or ground mounted pavers of patios, courtyards, pathways, plazas and driveways. Green builders now have a new tool to convert outdoor areas into invisible solar collectors.

In hot weather, rather than reflecting heat and scorching toes with surging temperatures of up to an uninhabitable 150F, the 24″ x 24″ or 24″ x 48″ units absorb solar heat into a glycol (corn-based) solution and uses theBTU’s to warm a nearby pool or domestic water source while simultaneously cooling the paver surface. With this system, the possibilities for creating lovely outdoor rooms and niches are endless.

In cold weather, the same innovative paving system, which is created from 100% recyclable materials, can be used to evenly warm outdoor surfaces to a balmy winter temperature of 50F. This causes snow-melt and prevents ice build-up which means non-slip areas, walkways and driveways. If the system is connected to a geothermal ground loop and a photovoltaic solar collector to run the pump, it’s a green, clean and virtually cost free snow melt system. These invisible panels can also be installed on top of buildings as a cool roof system similar to aliving roof and as the patio surface for arooftop garden. This significantly contributes to lowering urban heat island effect and would lower air conditioning costs to the environment and to the consumer.

Depending on the site and details of a project the ROI can be as short as 3 years. Using this system can contribute toLEED and cool roof points, and potential solar tax credits. This is a win-win all the way around-for planet, people and pocketbook!

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