The ultra minimalist Dogma House features an amazing sloping roof ramp, and it was designed by Alex van de Beld and Haiko Meijer in accordance with the Dogma Rules conceived by a group of Danish movie directors. These 10 rules stipulate that filmmakers should produce their movies without technological help. No additional lighting or special effects are allowed, and there should be no props or voiceovers. In the same way, this striking villa located in the Zuiderburen district of Leeuwarden was built with locally sourced materials and very little technological intervention.

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The first thing anyone notices about the Dogma House is the unique sloping roof. Not only is it a fun feature for the client’s children, who can use it to take a running leap into the home’s personal lake, but it also mitigates solar gain during the summer. Two kinds of differently colored and locally-sourced timber gives the private residence a wonderful natural finish, and everything inside the home is tastefully minimalist. Natural light pierces through the home’s glazing, creating an airy environment that any earth-loving architectural enthusiast will envy. We love this special home, which was completed in 2005.

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